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This is the official website of the Epsilon Omicron Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI).

The New FIJI Exec

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Fall term is approaching it's end, and with it, our current Executive Board. As President, Logan Quick has led this fraternity through its Chartering, through its Initiation, and through a very prosperous beginning for Phi Gamma Delta's Epsilon Omicron Chapter at the University of Oregon. With Jake Gram as Treasurer, Bryson Cabacungan as Recording Secretary, Michael Lyford as Corresponding Secretary, and Brandon Manthei as Historian, the Epsilon Omicron chapter rose to new heights.

The outgoing executive board was asked to describe their best moment during their time in office and also to give a piece of advice to their replacement. Here are there responses:

Logan Quick:

"The best moment during my tenure as President had to be receiving our charter from Bill Martin and Headquarters on May 31st. It was an honor taking part in the moment that our colony was finally recognized as an official chapter – the unified work of our brotherhood paying off. My advice for the next president, Michael Lyford, is: whenever you are called to act, start your decision by thinking about the fraternity values and principles and what we are here to do. This helped me think clearly at times when my vision as the fraternity leader became clouded by the lenses of classwork, job, friendship, and other obligations."

Jake Gram:

"It is hard to believe that my time as Treasurer is coming to a close. It was a great experience that came packed with challenges and rewards that I would have never expected when I entered the position. It felt like in many ways I was growing and developing with the fraternity. It was a term of many 'firsts'. Our first official pledge class, our first composite photo, our first time experiencing and leading the ritual, and our first trips to St. Louis for the leadership academy and Indianapolis for Ekklesia. My favorite memory as a member of the Executive Board was without a doubt our chartering weekend. My advice for my successor and the next treasurer, Kyle Holmberg, is to analyze every decision from a short, medium, and long term perspective, and to place a high weight on the long term effects of any one decision. The mission of the founding fathers of any fraternity is to lay the groundwork of something that will last long into the future. This long-term emphasis is one of the keys to achieving the goal of long-term success."

Bryson Cabacungan:

"It's truly been an honor serving this fraternity as the Recording Secretary. I'll never forget seeing our Founding Father composite the night of Chartering and receiving so much support and gratitude from everyone for all the accomplishments we've made. Receiving our Charter, and topping the night off with champagne showers, was truly the culminating moment of this chapter's existence thus far. To Chase Benton, and the rest of the future Executive Board, never forget how far we've come, but realize that we have not yet reached our end goal. Brothers, best of luck and may you lead this fraternity better than the men before you in the direction of our next culminating moment."

Michael Lyford:

"After serving as the Corresponding Secretary for a 16 month term, I am happy to leave the duties of this leadership position in the capable hands of brother Charlie Paretchan. I have no doubt that Charlie will successfully build upon the work that I have done as Corresponding Secretary, and I am eager to see how the new ideas he brings to the table will transform this important role and the future of the chapter as a whole. As Corresponding Secretary, my favorite memory was being able to sit down for coffee with former governor Victor Atiyeh. It was great to hear about the time that he spent at the Epsilon Omicron Chapter and how the legacy that he left us still lives on in our day to day operations. My advice to future Corresponding Secretaries is to get started on long term tasks well in advance and to work a little bit each day to get the job done. Press on!"

Brandon Manthei:

"Being a member of the Executive Board for two years has been one of the greatest opportunities that I have been given here at the University of Oregon. I would have never foreseen the opportunities that this position has given me to develop as a leader. Pinpointing my favorite moment is very difficult because of the journey that we have experienced; with every success there is of course an upward battle, but seeing the end result in my brothers eyes has been a reward in itself. The journey isn’t over yet, and our current experiences as a chartered chapter of Phi Gamma Delta continue to bring success and struggles. However, seeing my fraternity brothers continue to go beyond the norm and strive for excellence is one my favorite experiences of this fraternity. For the new Historian, Henry Turner, I can only impart one piece of knowledge... Press On! When times are difficult, keep going! When there is seems to be no hope for the future, keep going! And when we experience successes, keep going! We have a great group of gentlemen here in this chapter and we need to continue to keep striving for excellence in whatever we do."

The 2014 Executive Board of the Epsilon Omicron Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta posing after the Chartering Dinner sitting in front of Kappa Omicron Graduate Brothers Alan Thayer and Jake Cramer (EO's Purple Legionnaire), as well as Archon President and Phi Kappa Graduate Brother, Scott Mikulecky.

The 2014 Executive Board of the Epsilon Omicron Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta posing after the Chartering Dinner sitting in front of Kappa Omicron Graduate Brothers Alan Thayer and Jake Cramer (EO's Purple Legionnaire), as well as Archon President and Phi Kappa Graduate Brother, Scott Mikulecky.

The new Executive Board officially begins on January 1st, 2015.

  • President - Michael Lyford
  • Treasurer - Kyle Holmberg
  • Recording Secretary - Chase Benton
  • Corresponding Secretary - Charlie Paretchan
  • Historian - Henry Turner